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Anonymous asked:

What do you look for in a woman? Because you seem to have what I'm looking for...I'm just hoping I have some what of a chance.


I just want reciprocation In the most sincere and genuine way possible..

I want to be able to trust you and know without a second thought that you are loyal to our relationship and what it represents.

I want to give unconditional love as well as receive it. I want to do silly goofy things with her in public and just enjoy her company.

Someone who will challenge me to be better and I’ll do the same. Someone of great intellect, ambition, and drive.

An attractive, independent, assertive, stylish beautiful woman.

Someone who compliments me well and vice versa.

Someone I can bring home to mom and she won’t look at them like she’s an, “ain’t shit woman.”

Because mama knows… Off first sight…

I just want that ride or die… That one that’s going to be my everything and I myself the same to her.

Marry Me…

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